With rising medical costs, employers throughout Colorado are looking for ways to save money on healthcare expenses while still receiving quality care. To help health insurance brokers meet the needs of employers and clients, PeakMed offers flexible direct primary care options. Read on to learn how teaming with PeakMed can benefit your portfolio. Brokers are encouraged to contact our team today by phone or online.

PeakMed as a health insurance broker partner

  • National DPC Network
  • Direct Primary Care Administrative Platform
  • Dedicated Member Service Team
  • Continued Member Education
  • Aggregated Reporting
  • Single Price Point
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Fewer Emergency Room Visits


Fewer Urgent Care Visits


Savings on Medications


Savings on Labs and Imaging

Understanding direct primary care

Direct primary care (DPC) has become a trendy buzzword in healthcare. But what does it really mean, and what does this revolutionary medical care model mean for brokers? 

Direct primary care is a new and innovative solution for providing primary healthcare. When employers choose DPC with PeakMed, they pay an affordable monthly membership fee, giving their employees unlimited access to their primary care providers in person, with telemedicine, over the phone, and via texts. DPC even offers care for urgent medical needs.

Understanding direct primary care can give you access to new clients to help them save money on their healthcare expenses.

Why health insurance brokers should offer direct primary care options with PeakMed

Traditional third-party insurance companies often limit healthcare choices. By putting DPC with PeakMed in your broker portfolio, you are offering more options to employers and individuals. 

PeakMed also allows your clients to see medical providers who don’t take traditional medical insurance. That gives you exclusive access to an entire set of medical professionals unavailable to clients with traditional healthcare plans.

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How PeakMed can benefit brokers, employers, and employees

Most importantly, direct primary care with PeakMed offers superior health outcomes. Because members can access same- or next-day appointments, medical issues can be treated quickly before they progress and require expensive interventions.  

DPC also benefits medical providers. Instead of overbooking their schedules, like many practices are forced to do under the traditional healthcare insurance model, they can spend as much time as needed with each patient. 

PeakMed benefits employers as well. PeakMed medical providers know their patients personally, there are fewer unneeded tests and specialist referrals. That indirectly saves money for the company because premiums won’t continue to rise as they do under traditional healthcare plans. 

Finally, the broker benefits, too. By adding a direct primary care like PeakMed to your portfolio, you are giving your clients more options to meet their varied needs.

PeakMed offers health insurance brokers alternatives to grow their agency

By choosing to offer PeakMed in your portfolio, you are providing a new and exciting resource. What sets direct primary care apart is that it is a distinct alternative to traditional healthcare insurance providers. 

DPC will continue to grow in popularity in the next few years, and by offering PeakMed today, you’ll be positioning yourself ahead of other brokers.

PeakMed is available to help brokers learn more about DPC

Because direct primary care is a relatively unique concept in healthcare, the PeakMed team is available to help brokers learn more about what it offers and how it can benefit you.

And because DPC is so new, many employers have probably never heard of it. That means you’ll need to explain its benefits and how the direct primary care membership process works. To help you better understand the process, our PeakMed team will be happy to set up an appointment to teach you more about DPC.

Once you fully understand this medical care option, you’ll be able to suggest it to the companies and employers where you think it will be an optimal fit. In the meantime, check out our excellent Google reviews from satisfied customers.

Learn more about PeakMed and add DPC to your portfolio today!

Ready to learn more about direct primary care? Contact Nathan Houghton today for your free PeakMed proposal to explore DPC coverage, pricing, and the scope of services and implementation. Text or call Nathan at 719-653-9333 or email him at He is happy to assist you and answer any questions about how you can diversify your portfolio with PeakMed.