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Did you know that your mental health is directly related to your physical health? That means if you neglect to take care of your mind, your body is impacted as well. That’s why behavioral health services are so important!

Too often people believe that they can ignore their mental health struggles, or that if they wait long enough, they will just go away.

That’s not the case, and waiting to seek professional help will just make matters worse.

At PeakMed, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Denver, Colorado our compassionate behavioral health services team is there to guide you through your mental health journey. Call our office today or reach out to our providers online.

What is behavioral health?

In short, behavioral health takes note of the connection between the health of the body and how it interconnects with the health of the mind. Behavioral health considers several lifestyle factors, including:

✓ Diet
✓ Exercise
✓ Chronic conditions
✓ Alcohol and drug use
✓ Family life

That is only a part of what behavioral health considers. Overall, behavioral health supports a person’s total well-being and mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Why is considering behavioral and
mental health important?

As we mentioned earlier, mental and physical health are interconnected, and behavioral health accounts for those connections. Mental health impacts every decision we make, and in turn, those decisions directly affect our physical health. Ignoring your mental and behavioral health can have drastic and lifelong consequences. That is why it is so important to manage your mental health and any issues that arise quickly. Early treatment leads to better health outcomes.

An elderly couple hold hands after receiving behavioral health services via direct primary care.

Who can benefit from behavioral
health services?

Did you know that over 44 million people in the United States experience mental illness? That’s almost one in five adults! But maybe you don’t know that behavioral health is designed to help more than people struggling with mental health. It can also be beneficial for physical conditions. It’s well known that mental health also impacts physical health. Our providers at PeakMed understand that important connection. Anyone struggling with mental illness can benefit from a behavioral health consultation. Even people experiencing things that, on the surface, might seem totally unrelated, such as poor sleep or social isolation, are candidates. Behavioral health can be used in several instances, some of which aren’t medically diagnosable conditions. Our services can treat or improve:

✓ Sleep issues
✓ Problems maintaining relationships
✓ Self-harm
✓ Anxiety
✓ Depression
✓ Substance abuse
✓ Sedentary lifestyle
✓ Poor financial management
✓ Diabetes management
✓ Smoking secession

Behavioral health can also help manage severe mood disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

What types of providers offer behavioral health?

One of the best aspects of behavioral health is that it is provided by a team of all types of providers with different backgrounds. Though medical providers are part of the process, many practitioners of behavioral health are not part of the medical field. Behavioral health providers include:

✓ Psychologists
✓ Psychiatrists
✓ Counselors
✓ Addiction specialists
✓ Social workers
✓ Medical physicians
✓ Neurologists

Reach out to PeakMed today to learn more about the varied type of providers on our staff.

What on-site services do you offer?

Though behavioral health and mental health services are similar and the words are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences. Behavioral health focuses more on the connection between the mind, body, and community. It takes the approach that everything in your daily life — from what you eat and drink to your interactions with others — significantly impacts your mental health. At PeakMed, our behavioral health services are inclusive, meaning they promote well-being and intervene when necessary to help individuals make lifestyle adjustments to the benefit of their mental health and physical health. Our care team treats all sorts of mental health challenges from anxiety and depression to weight struggles and drug and alcohol abuse. The following are some of the behavioral health services offered at PeakMed:

✓ Depression and anxiety screenings
✓ Substance abuse screenings and counseling
✓ Rapid assessments
✓ Cognitive-behavioral therapy
✓ Solution-focused therapy
✓ Motivational interviewing
✓ Behavioral activation
✓ Psychosocial support
✓ Care management
✓ Family therapy
✓ Patient education
✓ Community outreach
✓ Couples therapy
✓ Psychotherapy
✓ Follow-up sessionsThis is only a partial list of the services at PeakMed. Call the team today to learn about all of the behavioral health services.

Behavioral health services are focused therapies that help individuals modify their decision-making and lifestyle choices for the better. But these services are more than just modifying poor decision-making; behavioral health also supports your positive decisions and lifestyle choices so you continue making them.

If your provider feels like you may be experiencing a mental health disorder, they can make a diagnosis during your behavioral health services.

At PeakMed, our providers work as a team with your other medical providers, sharing our findings with your primary care physician or other specialists to provide the most integrated healthcare possible.

Treatment options sometimes include medications, but not always. Everyone is different, and medications are often not necessary on some individual’s behavioral health journeys.

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