At PeakMed, located in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, we offer an innovative type of medical care. It’s called direct primary care and is designed to value you as a patient. Because this is a new type of way to deliver healthcare services, our providers wanted to explain direct primary care and its benefits to help you learn how it is a superior experience. Keep reading to learn why you should drop your traditional medical care provider and sign up for direct primary care instead.

I’ve heard people in Colorado talking about direct primary care — but what exactly is it?

That is a great question! Because it is new, direct primary care is a term that not everyone is familiar with. 

Direct primary care utilizes an affordable fee-based membership. And we know what you are thinking — why would you pay a monthly fee to visit your doctor? 

First, it’s affordable. You already know that if you visit your provider at a traditional medical practice regularly, the copays and deductibles really add up. But with direct primary care at PeakMed, there are no copays. Your affordable monthly fee grants you unlimited access to your doctor. That includes office visits, text messaging, virtual visits, and phone calls. 

Direct primary care has several names, and it is sometimes referred to as concierge medicine or even shortened to DPC. 

What are the ways that direct primary care with PeakMed benefits me?

Think of direct primary care as the ultimate in convenience. PeakMed understands that your life is busy and that it isn’t always easy to fit your medical care needs into a rushed and hurried appointment schedule at a traditional medical practice. 

Here are some of the ways direct primary care makes your life easier. 

Have you ever experienced an acute injury, like a laceration, only to discover that your primary care provider’s office is closed? So, you head over to the nearest urgent care facility and see a packed sitting room and a lengthy wait. Finally, you rush to the nearest ER, and while they can see you quickly, the bill for your stitches is absurdly expensive. 

Wouldn’t you like an easy option when you have an acute injury? Urgent care access with PeakMed offers just that. Because you are a DPC member, we can see you quickly and keep you free of costly expenses associated with urgent care centers and ERs. 

How about this — have you ever felt rushed through an appointment with a traditional medical care provider? That’s because they overbook appointments. With direct primary care at PeakMed, you spend as much time with your provider as needed. We never rush you, and our care team wants to learn everything about you so we can provide personalized care. In fact, our appointments are often twice as long as one at a traditional medical practice. 

Here is another scenario that expresses the benefits of direct primary care. Have you ever gone to see the doctor for an illness, and your provider prescribed several medicines? Not only are you feeling ill, but now you have to drive across town to pick them up from the pharmacy. 

When you are a DPC member at PeakMed, we have an onsite pharmacy so you won’t have to travel around town while you are sick. Furthermore, our medications are offered at wholesale prices, so you aren’t gouged by third-party insurance middlemen. And if you have any questions regarding taking your prescriptions or possible interactions with other medications, your doctor is available to answer any questions or to quell concerns. 

Here are some other benefits you will receive when you become a DPC member:

  • Healthcare price navigation
  • No copays or deductibles
  • 24/7 access to your medical team
  • Money savings

Ready to explore the benefits of direct primary care with PeakMed? Contact our Denver or Colorado Springs, Colorado, office by phone or use this website to schedule your appointment. At PeakMed, we prioritize you.