After months of work by sponsoring members of Colorado’s House, Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, and several Direct Primary Care physicians here in Colorado, led in part by Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder of PeakMed, HB 17-1115 was finally signed into law yesterday by Governor John Hickenlooper. The new law concerns the establishment of direct primary health care agreements to operate without regulation by the Colorado Division of Insurance.

The bill establishes parameters under which a direct primary care agreement (agreement) may be implemented. An agreement may be entered into between a direct primary health care provider (provider) and a patient for the payment of a periodic fee and for a specified period of time. The provider must be a licensed, registered, or certified individual or entity authorized to provide primary care services.

The bill establishes that the agreement is not the business of insurance or the practice of underwritingand does not fall under the regulation of the division of insurance. The bill outlines the conditions under which a provider may discontinue care to a patient.

Source: Colorado General Assembly

HB 17-1115 Sponsors

  1. Perry Buck is a primary sponsor
  2. Joann Ginal is a primary sponsor
  3. Jack Tate is a primary sponsor
  4. John Kefalas is a primary sponsor