These days, when someone takes a job, they are looking for more than just a salary. They want to feel taken care of and valued. One of the best ways to improve the morale of your employees is to offer quality group healthcare with PeakMed. In this article, our team at PeakMed, serving the Denver, Colorado, area, explains why offering quality healthcare options can improve the health of your employees, increase retention, and save your business money. Keep reading to learn more. 

How can PeakMed offer superior and affordable group healthcare options?

Everyone knows that traditional health insurance premiums are expensive. Small businesses want to offer their employees group healthcare options, but unfortunately, most can’t afford to. 

Here is the good news: PeakMed offers an innovative new business healthcare model called Direct Primary Care. With DPC, you simply pay an affordable monthly fee for your employees to grant them unlimited access to their medical providers. 

Because we don’t rely on insurance middlemen, there are no hefty monthly premiums and deductibles like with traditional group healthcare options. We take pride in being transparent, and we promise that your business and employees won’t be hit with hidden fees. By cutting out the middlemen, we can pass on the savings to you. 

At PeakMed, we have reimagined affordable business healthcare options to make them a reality for companies of all sizes. 

What benefits will my employees receive with group healthcare access from PeakMed?

When you choose PeakMed as your business healthcare provider, your employees have access to everything they need to keep their families healthy. Here are some of the services we provide:

Family and Primary Group Healthcare

PeakMed has a team of primary and family care providers to offer essential preventive medical services. 


The PeakMed providers ensure your employees are up-to-date with the necessary vaccines and immunizations to keep them safe from preventable diseases. 

Care for Chronic Conditions

When your employees are struggling with chronic conditions, we offer the specialized care needed to keep them healthy. Our team also monitors conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes to ensure they don’t progress. For significant cases, we team with specialists throughout the Denver region. 

Urgent Group Healthcare

Your employees won’t have to wait hours in the emergency room or urgent care center when they have a medical issue that needs attention quickly. 

Lab Tests and Diagnostics

Sometimes lab tests and diagnostics are needed to make a diagnosis or check on health status. These essential services are included at wholesale pricing when you utilize group healthcare from PeakMed.

Wellness Strategies

Our providers will meet with your employees and share strategies to keep them healthy. These include exercise and nutrition, along with ways to reduce workplace stress. 

Call our office today to explore all of the ways your employees will benefit when you choose to team with PeakMed for business healthcare. 

How can business healthcare options with PeakMed support my small company?

When you choose PeakMed as your group healthcare provider, not only do your employees benefit, but your bottom line does as well. 

Employee Retention

Here are the facts: over 50% of employees say that access to quality healthcare from their employer is a significant factor in keeping them at their job. When you provide business healthcare from PeakMed, your employees will have unlimited access to their doctors, helping to improve your employee retention rate. 

Healthier Workers

Because your employees have unlimited access to their medical providers, they are able to get the care they need immediately. They also can prevent illness through quality preventive care. Healthy employees mean less missed work and more productivity. 

Ready to learn more about how group healthcare with PeakMed can improve your business’s bottom line and employee retention? Call our office in Denver, CO, today, or reach out to our team using this website.