Are the bills from your traditional medical services continuing to add up? Unfortunately, this is a problem for many people and families living around Colorado Springs, Colorado. Traditional healthcare and insurance are expensive because insurance middlemen and bloated administrations drive up costs. PeakMed offers an alternative. Our direct primary care cost is designed to save individuals, families, and employers money while also improving the medical care they receive. Keep reading to learn more about the price of direct primary care and how it compares to traditional medical insurance.

How is direct primary care different from traditional medical care?

Direct primary care is a new approach to medicine that puts the patient above all else. Traditional medical care motivates providers to see as many patients as possible and utilizes traditional health insurance with expensive deductibles and copays.

Because of copays and deductibles, traditional medical care is expensive for the patient. Unfortunately, those expenses keep many people in the Colorado Springs area from seeking medical care when they need it. Nobody wants to go bankrupt due to medical bills!

PeakMed is different because we put the patient above profits. The direct primary care cost is designed to provide access to healthcare to people on any budget. For an affordable monthly fee, you have access to your PeakMed provider whenever you need them via in-office visits, texting, and telehealth. While the average visit with a traditional healthcare provider is only 15 minutes, you’ll have the undivided attention of your direct primary care provider for up to an hour at every appointment. Best of all, at PeakMed, there are no expensive copays or deductibles.

Is direct primary care expensive?

No, the price of direct primary care is not expensive. What makes it great is that people on all budgets and from every background can afford medical care with direct primary care. Our mission at PeakMed is to improve healthcare access for the people of Colorado Springs, CO, at an affordable price. 

There are no confusing deductibles or copays — just an affordable monthly fee that grants unlimited access to your PeakMed care provider. 

What does direct primary care cost?

Now that you know that healthcare access with PeakMed is affordable, let’s get into the direct primary care cost in real dollars. Here is some of the pricing:

Businesses and Employers

Plans start at $69 per month per employee.


Plans start at $89 per month.


Plans for kids under the age of 18 start at $55 per month.

But what if you or your employees need more specialized care like lab tests or diagnostics? Let’s take a look at the pricing.


Under direct primary care costs, most medications are less than $15.


With the direct primary care price, most lab fees are less than $30

Avoiding the Emergency Room or Urgent Care Centers

Because direct primary care includes treatment for many urgent medical needs, PeakMed members save up to 75%.

Now let’s compare direct primary care costs with the costs of using traditional medical insurance. Even with traditional medical insurance, you can expect to pay a $50-$150 copay every time you visit a traditional healthcare provider. If you need lab tests, you’ll pay $300 or more. And if you need medications, be prepared to spend at least $50 per prescription. Finally, if you need urgent medical care at the emergency room, your bill could easily be over $500. 

PeakMed doesn’t want you to break the bank to get the medical care you need. That is why the direct primary care cost is affordable for everyone. 

Call our office in Colorado Springs to learn more about the direct primary care price today. You can also reach out to our friendly staff online.