We have all had to leave work to go to a doctor’s appointment. Between driving to and from the appointment, waiting for the doctor and getting your exam, you can be gone for hours. Those hours mean lost productivity for your employer and falling behind on work. PeakMed is helping resolve that pain point by removing the boundaries to accessing great health care and bringing our services straight to the employee.

PeakMed launched its innovative Mobile LifeCenter in Denver this November. The “sprinter van” is a clinic on wheels which has a PeakMed physician as well as all of the high-tech amenities as a regular exam room. The physician inside the Mobile LifeCenter can assist with illness, disease management, physicals and preventative medicine.

When an employee feels ill at work, they can simply walk down to the parking lot and spot the PeakMed van with its recognizable logo and signage. Our physician will welcome you inside and lead you to the seating area where you can sit and address concerns with your doctor before heading back to the exam table. If necessary, the Mobile LifeCenter is equipped with the instruments for drawing blood and administering vaccines.

“Our vans exemplify the work we are doing inside our LifeCenters,” Jon Hernandez, CEO of PeakMed, said. “The notion of a mobile ‘clinic’ may seem unusual, but the vehicles themselves and the technology inside are top-of-the-line and will deliver exceptional care along with maximum convenience.”

The Mobile LifeCenter is currently visiting a member organization’s three campuses throughout the Denver area on a weekly basis, and the van will be accessible to other member companies that sign their employees up for PeakMed.

If employees would rather be seen at one of our brick-and-mortar LifeCenters, that is always an option as well.

“In the first week with the Mobile LifeCenter, we connected with several employees who were ready to go to the emergency room or urgent care to be seen because they didn’t feel well,” Dr. Christine Wildeman, physician with the Mobile LifeCenter said. “We were able to treat them on site, saving them both time and money.”

Local media also had an opportunity to tour the Mobile LifeCenter shortly after its inaugural run. The Denver Channeland Business Den both covered our Mobile LifeCenter. Interested in visiting with your doctor in our Mobile LifeCenter? Tell your employer you’d like the convenience and innovation of PeakMed as part of your benefits package.