PeakMed expands its innovative healthcare model to include fully-integrated primary care and behavioral health. The program embeds licensed counselors and therapists within the primary care setting, giving members access to affordable mental healthcare.

Dr. Mark Tomasulo, Founder and CEO of PeakMed, said expanding the behavioral health program was a natural fit. “We want to help members achieve their health goals, whether it’s physical, emotional, preventative, or chronic disease management. A strong foundation of mental health and wellbeing helps us achieve those goals a little easier.”

Primary Care providers currently deliver half of the mental healthcare in the U.S. for common conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, depression, behavioral problems, and substance abuse, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. PeakMed’s innovative model addresses the whole person and creates a partnership between mental health and primary care providers.

Kristi Edwards is a licensed professional counselor at PeakMed, “Providing counseling services in a primary care setting provides a unique opportunity. By working in the same building, this helps members feel more comfortable.” PeakMed physicians are equipped to do mental health screenings and refer clients to counseling. “This helps the member be able to start counseling right away with little effort and can help with the fear or other obstacles that can come with counseling,” said Edwards.

PeakMed TeleMed allows members to receive virtual counseling from the comfort of their home or office. “This has allowed us to be able to help and reach more people in the community. While some people continue to enjoy in-person therapy, others prefer telehealth due to work schedules, convenience, childcare, and accessibility,” said Edwards. “By providing both options, we are excited to reach more of the Denver and Colorado Springs community as we thrive to see each of us more physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy.”

PeakMed Behavioral Health is available to qualifying small and large companies for an additional rate of $15 PMPM. Individual members can purchase counseling services at a discounted rate.

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