We are proud to announce PeakMed was named as one of Colorado Companies to Watch. At the awards gala Friday night, PeakMed and a select number of other Colorado companies were given the honor.

PeakMed is changing the relationship members have with their doctors and health care. Our life centers focus on same-day as well as preventative care that is affordable and easy to access. PeakMed has clinics within the Colorado Springs and Denver areas serving thousands of members who want a better experience with their doctor.

Colorado Companies to Watch looks beyond startups and more specifically at second stage companies like ours with 6-99 employees, where employment growth is strong.

“Being named one of the Colorado Companies to Watch is an honor and will go a long way in helping PeakMed continue to expand our health care model in Colorado and do our part in bringing jobs and a healthy economy to our state,” Dr. Mark Tomasulo, founder of PeakMed. “We are very grateful for our supporters who have also helped us get to where we are today.”

To learn more, the Denver South Economic Development Partnership interviewed Dr. Tomasulo for Colorado Companies to Watch, you can check that out here. PeakMed is interviewed about 90 seconds into the video.