If you are a small business owner, you might think that providing business healthcare to your employees is financially out of reach. And, unfortunately, with traditional medical insurance providers, affordable healthcare is often impossible. That is why our team at PeakMed, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to explain our Direct Primary Care option. The new year is a perfect time to enroll, so keep reading to learn more!

What is direct primary care, and why is it a good option for business healthcare?

At PeakMed, our mission is to reimagine business healthcare. To do that, we utilize an innovative and convenient direct primary care (DPC) model. For an affordable monthly fee, your employees will have unlimited access to their medical team. No more waiting months for appointments! Below, we review some of the specific benefits in detail. 

Support your employees’ healthy resolutions

The new year is a time for making healthy resolutions. How better to help your employees achieve their health goals than by teaming with PeakMed for your business healthcare needs?

When your employees have unlimited access to their medical providers, they are more likely to keep up with their health goals. Our PeakMed team can help monitor their progress and promote health at all stages of life. 

No hidden fees

There is nothing worse than your employees not having affordable access to a medical provider. Many are trying to begin the new year by scheduling a doctor’s visit and physical, only to be hit with hidden copays and deductibles. Nobody wants to start the new year by paying hefty medical bills!

But when you choose PeakMed for business healthcare, your employees won’t have to pay costly deductibles or copays to see their medical providers. Everything is included in the membership fee.

Unlimited business healthcare access

Take pride in knowing that you are providing your employees with unlimited access to medical providers when you choose PeakMed as your business healthcare provider. Our team of physicians is available 24 hours a day to answer any question. We also offer same- and next-day appointment availability to get your employees the care they need whenever they need it. 


Don’t want to drive all the way across Colorado Springs to have a simple question answered, review lab results, or have a follow-up? That’s where telehealth comes in. The affordable monthly business healthcare fee with PeakMed gives your employees access to virtual care whenever it’s needed. All they need is a digital device to log in to our secure network, and they’ll be speaking with one of our providers in no time. 

Retain your staff with business healthcare

Did you know that employees provided with quality business healthcare are more likely to stay with your company? It’s true, today’s employees have more opportunities than ever before, and businesses need to provide incentives to keep their best employees from leaving for other companies. 

Furthermore, when your employees are healthy, they are more engaged and productive at work. And that extra productivity means you save money in the long run when you provide them with business healthcare with PeakMed.

Ready to learn more about our business healthcare options in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Our team can’t wait to speak with you! Call our office today to learn more, or reach out regarding a consultation by using this website.