Did you know that one in five American citizens experiences a mental health challenge? That means many of your employees are silently struggling with mental illness every day. In this article, our team at PeakMed wants to shed light on mental health challenges in the workplace and why access to behavioral healthcare in Denver, Colorado, is essential. Read on to learn more about why prioritizing access to behavior health services in the workplace improves your bottom line and culture. 

Fewer missed days at work

Across the country, the workforce misses millions of combined work days due to mental health challenges. And a significant portion of those days can be prevented if employees have improved access to behavioral health services. 

Lowered disability costs

When your employees have access to essential behavior health care in Denver, they can get mental challenges treated before they become life-altering situations that require them to go on disability. And with fewer people on disability, your premiums go down. 

More productivity and engagement at work

Happy employees are more productive and engaged. But it’s difficult to be happy when you are struggling with a mental illness. Fortunately, having access to behavioral health services via PeakMed ensures your employees get the mental health assistance they need to stay happy. And when your employees are happy, they form stronger relationships with one another, reducing arguments or other interpersonal relationship issues at work. 

Retaining talent

Employees want more than just a paycheck. They also desire to feel valued and taken care of. When you offer behavior health services with PeakMed, your employees know they have a valued partner to turn to when they feel mentally unwell. 

Over the last few years, employers are experiencing what is called the “great resignation” and losing valuable and talented employees. The fact is, that many of the employees who are resigning are looking for employers who provide for them — especially providing for their mental health. 

Preventive behavior health

Many people are at work more than they are at home. That means the workplace should be the first line of preventive care. When your company offers behavioral health with PeakMed, it offers easy access to preventive mental health services to get your employees the care they need quickly.

Reduced stigma regarding mental health

Unfortunately, many people still place a stigma on those struggling with mental illness. But when your company makes behavior healthcare in Denver a priority, it shows your employees that mental health challenges are nothing to be ashamed of. 

Team with PeakMed for your behavior health needs

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and how it significantly impacted the mental health of millions, more companies are investing in behavioral health. PeakMed makes it easy to provide mental health support for your employees in Denver, Colorado. Our services include:

  • Substance abuse assistance
  • Grief management
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Stress and anxiety relief

When it comes to behavioral healthcare, the PeakMed team can provide a broad range of care.

In a recent study, 72% of employees want their employer to offer access to mental health services. But for too long, businesses have hesitated to provide behavioral health services because they believed that the costs outweigh the benefits. But as you can see from the information in this article, optimal mental health of your employees saves your business money in the long run. 

Furthermore, when your business prioritizes behavior health, it reduces the stigma of mental illness. It is important to let your employees know about the services offered by PeakMed so they can take advantage of them when needed. 

Contact PeakMed today to learn more about Direct Primary Care behavior health

With PeakMed, your employees gain access to behavioral health services via an innovative care method called direct primary care. With DPC, your entire team will have unlimited access to their primary care provider for an affordable monthly fee. Best of all, there are no copays or expensive deductibles.

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