If you are a business owner, you know how expensive providing healthcare options for your employees are. And under traditional healthcare models, it seems like the premiums go up every year, along with your employees being saddled with high copays and deductibles. Fortunately, you have another option — Direct primary care.

In this article, our providers at PeakMed want to explain how this innovative healthcare model can assist businesses in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, save money and improve the health and morale of their employees. Keep reading to learn more. 

A brief overview of direct primary care

Most businesses in the Denver, CO, area believe there is only one option for providing healthcare for their employees. But the traditional medical insurance model is so expensive that many companies — especially small businesses — simply can’t afford it

Direct primary care (DPC) eliminates barriers to healthcare access. It personalizes medical services to each of your employees, treating them like the unique people that they are. 

To access everything direct primary care has to offer, you only need to pay an affordable monthly fee. There are no copays or deductibles. 

Here are some of the many benefits DPC can provide your employees:

Improves Employee Retention

Employees appreciate when their employer takes care of them. With direct primary care, they will always feel like their medical needs are a priority. 

Provides 24/7 Personalized Care to Your Employees

With PeakMed, your employees get access to personalized care whenever and wherever they need it. They’ll have access to their providers via:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Text messaging
  • Phone calls
  • Telehealth

Our providers are available for consultations day and night and even on weekends and holidays.

Costs Up to 70% Less Than Traditional Healthcare Premiums

DPC with PeakMed is less expensive than traditional healthcare premiums — often as much as 70% less. Contact PeakMed today to learn how much you can save. 

An Affordable Option for Small Businesses

The profit margins for small businesses are much slimmer than for larger companies. Although many small businesses want to provide healthcare coverage for their employees, they often feel like they can’t afford it due to the inflated prices in the traditional medical insurance market. But with DPC, businesses of all sizes can afford to provide healthcare coverage. 

Onsite Pharmacy Providing Wholesale Prices

These days, getting the medications you need can be difficult. But with PeakMed, your employees have access to a fully-stocked onsite pharmacy. Best of all, our medications are affordable because we provide them at wholesale prices. 

Visits With Specialists

Sometimes significant medical issues or chronic health conditions develop. If that happens, your employees have access to plenty of specialists throughout the region. In fact, PeakMed has relationships with over 130 specialists in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas. 

These are just some of the many benefits provided by direct primary care with PeakMed.

How will direct primary care save my company money?

We save businesses in Denver, Colorado, money on healthcare by negotiating directly with labs and hospitals to get the best possible prices. Then, we take those savings and pass them on to you. 

Direct primary care relies on an affordable monthly fee, so you won’t be paying for bloated premiums that get higher year after year. Furthermore, your employees won’t have to pay expensive copays every time they need to see their provider. That makes DPC with PeakMed an affordable option for both your business and employees. 

Affordable healthcare options are within reach for businesses in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado. Today is the day to learn more about direct primary care with PeakMed. Call our office and request information about DPC for your employees. Alternatively, you can reach out regarding a consultation using this website.