If you have a family, you know how difficult it can be to take each family member to a different doctor across Colorado Springs, Colorado. For example, there is an internal medicine provider, a pediatrician, and the grandparents might need to see a geriatric specialist. 

What if all of these medical needs could be provided in one place? With PeakMed, your entire family can access a family doctor in Colorado Springs and get the care they need all in one place. Keep reading to learn why you should use PeakMed as your family doctor.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care provides a significant benefit for your family. Instead of using confusing and expensive traditional health insurance, PeakMed works on an affordable monthly fee model.  The monthly fee offers unlimited access to PeakMed providers for your entire family.

Quality family doctor for all ages

At PeakMed, we have a team of experienced family doctors in Colorado Springs. That means our providers see patients of all ages. We understand that certain conditions are more common in people of specific ages and tailor your visits to age-related needs and concerns. 

Unlimited access

Wouldn’t it be great if your family could have access to their family doctor whenever they needed it? With PeakMed, they can! Your monthly fee provides access to medical providers 24/7. That includes weekends, nights, and even on holidays. 

Your family can schedule appointments with their providers in person, via telemedicine, over the phone, by texting, and by email. Our family doctors understand that your family is busy, so we prioritize convenience. 

Urgent care access

When you have a family, injuries and sudden illnesses are common. But nobody has time for the hours-long wait times at emergency rooms and urgent care centers. And when you see the bill after visiting the ER or urgent care center, you’ll wish you had a different option.

With PeakMed, you do. We provide urgent care access for minor injuries and acute illnesses. Best of all, you can meet with one of our providers any time, day or night. 

Price navigation assistance

Medical pricing can be confusing, and the lack of transparency is disturbing. Many people don’t even know that the price for most medical procedures and diagnostics is negotiable. We have a dedicated team to negotiate with other providers when your family needs specialized care or diagnostics. Our price navigation assistance can save you thousands of dollars.  

On-site pharmacy

Nothing is worse than taking a sick child to the doctor only to be prescribed medicine that can only be picked up at a pharmacy on the other side of Colorado Springs. At PeakMed, your family doctor in Colorado Springs makes getting your medications easy. We offer an on-site pharmacy, so you can pick up your medications directly after your appointment. Furthermore, if your family has any questions regarding their prescriptions, their doctor is available to assist. 

Save money

With a PeakMed family doctor, we cut out the third-party middlemen who jack up the prices of medical services. With our direct primary care healthcare model, we have no need for insurance middlemen. Therefore, we can pass the savings on to your family. Most of our members save 50-80% on medical care costs.  

Thorough family doctor appointments

When you choose PeakMed as your family doctor, your appointments are never rushed. At a traditional medical practice, the average appointment length is only 15 minutes. We don’t think that is enough time to provide adequate care. Therefore, appointments for your family members last 30-60 minutes at PeakMed. 

Choose a family doctor at PeakMed today

Are you ready to choose convenience and save money by teaming up with a family medical doctor with PeakMed? To learn more, call our office in Colorado Springs, CO, today or use this website to schedule your consultation.