Have you noticed that scheduling an appointment with a primary care doctor has become nearly impossible? After COVID-19, doctor’s offices across the country have been inundated with people trying to make appointments. Sometimes you have to wait three months or longer just to be seen.  It doesn’t have to be that way. When you choose PeakMed as your primary care doctor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you’ll have unlimited access to your care providers, along with many other benefits that you just can’t find with traditional medical practices.

The Direct Primary Care difference

PeakMed utilizes an innovative approach to medicine called Direct Primary Care. With this care model, you pay a monthly fee for complete access to your primary care doctors. At PeakMed, our mission is to make your primary care visits easy to schedule. Here are some reasons to choose PeakMed as your primary care doctor in Colorado Springs.

Unlimited access to your primary care doctor

When you team with PeakMed for your healthcare needs, you’ll have unlimited access to your primary care doctor. You can schedule in-office appointments whenever you need them and can reach the team via phone, texts, email, and telemedicine 24/7.

Extended visits

Did you know that the average time spent with your doctor at a traditional medical practice is only 15 minutes? At PeakMed, our team knows that isn’t enough time to truly understand your health history. Our appointments last between 30 and 60 minutes to give you plenty of time to ask questions and address concerns. 

Avoid urgent care or the ER

With PeakMed, you don’t have to wait hours in a waiting room to get seen at an urgent care center or emergency room. Your primary care doctor can treat minor injuries and illnesses right at our office! You’ll also avoid the costly out-of-pocket expenses and high deductibles associated with these centers. 

You are more than just a name on a chart

The PeakMed primary care doctors in Colorado Springs know each of our patients by name. We greet you like you are family because you are family! Because we don’t overbook our schedules, you’ll never feel rushed. Your health is our priority. 

No deductibles or copays

PeakMed utilizes the direct primary care system, also called concierge care. Instead of using traditional medical insurance and the costly deductibles and copays, you simply pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to your primary care doctor. 

Price navigation

There are times when you might need to see a specialist or require X-rays. But did you know that these prices are negotiable? PeakMed has a dedicated price navigation team to negotiate the best prices on your behalf. 

Pharmacy on-site

Don’t want to drive across town to pick up your prescription after your appointment? When you choose PeakMed as your primary care doctor in Colorado Springs, you can pick up your medications right at the office. We offer an on-site pharmacy for your convenience. 

No health insurance bureaucracy 

Without third-party middlemen driving up the price of care, you’ll save money when you switch your primary care doctor to PeakMed. In fact, our members save up to 50-80% on average. 

Chronic disease management

If you have a chronic disease, like hypertension or diabetes, you understand the hassle of driving all around Colorado Springs to visit multiple specialists. But when you team with PeakMed for your primary care doctor services, we can provide chronic disease management in-house. Our team of experts and specialists understands your condition and provides coordinated care. And if you need prescriptions, it is easy to access your medications at our on-site pharmacy.  Ready to make long wait times and difficult scheduling with your doctor a thing of the past? Call PeakMed and make an appointment with one of our primary care doctors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, today. You can also book your consultation using this website.