Health benefits top the list in employee must-haves, but it is the most expensive benefit to provide. Only 47% of firms with 3 to 9 workers offer coverage. Businesses who can afford to provide health insurance are faced with passing this year’s hikes to their employees. The average annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance in 2018 are $6,896 for single coverage and $19,616 for family coverage. (Kaiser Family Foundation). So how is a small business supposed to provide health care for its employees?

Pay employees to visit the family doctor

Health care benefits might be expensive, but the wellness of your employees is priceless. Traditional insurance plans might be out of reach, but if you could choose one benefit for your employees, pay them to visit the family doctor. Known as Primary Care Physicians, they attend to your overall wellness, manage chronic illnesses and keep you on track with screenings that prevent serious conditions or catch them early. The family doctor can save you and your employee’s thousands in future out-of-pocket medical expenses, improve quality of life, and increase job satisfaction.  

PeakMed for Business offers subscription based health care

The subscription economy could be the answer to offering Primary Care benefits to your employees. PeakMed of Colorado charges an affordable fixed monthly membership for primary care benefits that cost less than a mobile phone or cable bill. Members do not deal with the insurance system and are not limited to the number of visits they can schedule at PeakMed LifeCenters. Individual memberships start at $79/mo with discounted rates for companies with over five employees. PeakMed for Business allows employers to offer memberships as an employee health benefit.  

PeakMed is perfect for businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations of all sizes to reduce costs, improve the health and wellness of your workforce, and attract new employees. Contact PeakMed For Business to get a quote today.

Did You Know… 
In the United States, we spend $2.8 trillion on health care annually. That works out to about one-sixth of the total economy and more than $8,500 per person — way more than any other country. (