Healthcare for businesses and employees is essential.

But how do you know if you are providing the best option for your team? How do you find out if there are other options available that will better service your employee’s medical needs?

In this blog, our team at PeakMed helps you rethink and explore new healthcare options for your small business. As the leaders in innovative healthcare solutions, we help your company retain talent, reduce healthcare costs, and personalize solutions for businesses of all sizes. Call our office today to learn more about our small business healthcare alternatives or reach out to our team online.

Why Should I Rethink My Small Business’ Healthcare in the New Year?

Everyone wants the best for their employees, and that includes their health and well-being. The problem is, many small businesses either aren’t offering their employees healthcare, or they are stuck with traditional plans that aren’t ideal for the business or its employees.

Fortunately, our team at PeakMed can help you explore new small business healthcare alternatives that will better serve your needs. We offer solutions with membership-based fees instead of traditional plans with high deductibles and expensive out-of-pocket limits. Best of all, there are no hidden fees that can blindside your employees and put them back financially.

I’m Ready to Rethink Healthcare for My Small Business. What Are My Options?

The motto at PeakMed is to reimagine healthcare, so we take pride in giving your business options that meet your needs and budget.

At PeakMed, we simplify the healthcare process for small businesses. Our smarter approach cuts out third-party middlemen and passes the savings directly to you.

When you team with PeakMed for your small business healthcare needs, your employees will receive a membership that gives them access to unlimited office visits with their primary care provider without the limits of traditional medical insurance.

With PeakMed, your employees will receive access to:

  • Primary and family care
  • Vaccines and preventive care
  • Managed care for chronic conditions, including hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Disease monitoring

If your employees need to visit a specialist, you’ll be pleased to know that PeakMed teams with over 130 specialty care consultants to provide the best in care.

The truth is that our flexible plans offer more than what traditional medical insurance can provide. When you team with PeakMed, your employees get:

  • Included urgent care services
  • Lab testing at wholesale prices
  • Included pediatric care for your family
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Sports medicine
  • Dermatology procedures, including wart removal, skin tag removal, and cancer screenings
  • Annual school and sports physicals
  • Wellness counseling

This is only a small portion of what our membership-based healthcare plans offer. Call our team today to learn more about the services.

What Are the Benefits of Rethinking Healthcare for Businesses?

There are plenty of benefits of rethinking healthcare for your small business, including:

Cost Savings

A health plan tailored for your needs can save your small business up to 70% on medical costs and premiums.

Improved Pharmacy Costs

Healthcare options with PeakMed can help your business save over 75% by providing pharmaceutical solutions at wholesale pricing.

24/7 Healthcare Access

By rethinking healthcare with PeakMed, your employees can access their medical providers any time, day or night.

Medical Care Personalized for You

It seems like many of today’s healthcare options treat you like a number. That’s not the case when you rethink healthcare with PeakMed. Our solutions give you 100% personalized care. No more needing to wait for appointments!

Virtual Care When You Need It

Not every illness or symptom requires a physical visit to the doctor’s office. In many cases, diagnosis and exams can occur over a digital device via video conferencing. You can even have your prescriptions updated over a virtual appointment.

All of these benefits make your employees feel valued and protected. And when your employees feel valued, they are more likely to stay with your business for the long term and produce higher quality work. By providing a quality health plan, it shows your employees that you are investing in them.

Best of all, when your employees have quality health coverage, they miss less time at work because they can access preventive care. And when they do experience illness, they can receive prompt treatment.

If My Small Business Chooses PeakMed, Do My Employees Still Need Traditional Medical Insurance?

Because PeakMed isn’t medical insurance, we recommend your employees have an affordable catastrophic plan in case they face a traumatic event that requires a lengthy hospital stay. Fortunately, catastrophic plans are usually affordable and will protect you from massive medical bills if you have need to be hospitalized for an extended period.

Rethink Your Small Business Healthcare With PeakMed Today

Experience the best in small business healthcare with our direct primary care option. Not only will you save money because we cut out the middle-men, but you’ll experience healthier employees and improve your talent retention as well.

Ready to learn more about small business healthcare alternatives? Call our team today for a free and no-obligation consultation.

The new year is the perfect time to rethink your healthcare needs.