Employee Health &

Access to providers who can improve employee health by encouraging
employees to adopt healthy behaviors such as mindfulness, eating well,
exercising, and avoiding tobacco.

The most important player in wellness programs is the employee’s primary care doctor. When employees don’t have a primary care doctor, they only seek healthcare when they are sick. They are more likely to be hospitalized, visit the emergency room, and less likely to complete recommended preventive services. Employers who implement PeakMed Direct Primary Care experience less absenteeism due to employees being healthier and with less stress, leading to cost savings.
Biometric health screenings can reduce health plan costs by identifying risk factors and at-risk employees that need medical attention. PeakMed conducts biometric health screenings in-clinic during the employee’s annual wellness exam. In-clinic testing ensures the results are delivered to the physician so they can identify any possible risk factors. Results can also be used to provide an accurate baseline analysis regarding the current health status of the entire group.
Our unique approach to healthcare puts emphasis on the provider-patient relationship. With extended 30-60 minute office visits, PeakMed providers work directly with employees to adopt healthy behaviors such as eating well, exercising, and avoiding tobacco. This lowers health risks and reduces employer health care costs. If needed a provider can develop a nutritional program customized to the patient to facilitate weight loss and healthy lifestyle behaviors at no extra cost to the employer or employee.

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