Employer Health Care

  • Improve employee retention
  • Better & More Personalized Care For You and Your Employees
  • Up To 70% Less Cost Than Traditional Health Insurance
  • 24/7 Access To Personalized Care

Traditional business employer health care options are confusing and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. PeakMed is helping Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, businesses find affordable employer health care options without sacrificing quality of care. 


Direct primary care is a modern and innovative form of health care that many businesses in the area are opting to provide their employees. For an affordable monthly fee, your employees will get personalized access to primary care services whenever they need them. Call our office today or reach out to our team online to learn more. 

Cost Savings

Get all your group healthcare needs and your employees needs handled for, on average, 70% less than traditional healthcare.

On-Site Pharmacy

Wholesale Pricing on Prescriptions Saving You up to 75%

24/7 Healthcare

Get care whenever you need it, including 24/7 access to personalized care.

100% Personalized Care

Doctors that get to know you and your needs. No waiting for short appointments. 30-60 minute personalized appointments!

Small & Medium Sized Business Plans

It’s Simple, Better Care With Significant Cost Savings For You
and Your Team!

Large Company

Better Access to Care & Reduced Variable Costs of Claims. No More Annual Insurance Increases.

How can direct primary care improve employer health insurance?

Let’s face it; even with traditional insurance, the costs, copays, and deductibles add up quickly. And before you know it, you can easily owe thousands of dollars for a simple medical issue.

At PeakMed, we believe that visiting the doctor should never be a financial burden. Therefore, we made it our mission to design affordable employer health insurance solutions.

PeakMed utilizes a unique group health care model for employers called direct primary care (DPC). Direct primary care provides top-quality care and access to primary, preventive, and urgent care services with an affordable monthly fee.

One of the best aspects of direct primary care is that it works with or without traditional medical insurance.

With DPC, your employees will enjoy unlimited access with their provider via:

✓ In-office visits
✓ Phone calls
✓ Texting
✓ Email
✓ Virtual telehealth

You might be wondering how your employees will be able to access this top-quality health care with only an affordable monthly membership fee. Well, the fact is, we’ve created accessible health care solutions by eliminating the third-party middlemen who work for the traditional insurance companies. By eliminating the middlemen, we can then pass the savings on to you.

What are the benefits of group health care with PeakMed?

With direct primary care via PeakMed, your employees will receive these benefits:

Same day appointments available
✓ Longer and more thorough appointments
✓ No surprise costs or expenses
✓ Zero copays and no deductibles

Now, let’s compare the benefits of DPC with “traditional health care providers.” For example, the average wait to see a doctor under the traditional health care model is 24 days. Furthermore, the average appointment with a medical provider with traditional health care only lasts 8 minutes, whereas the appointment length under DPC is 30-60 minutes. 

Here is a list of services your employees will enjoy with DPC:

✓ Adult and pediatric care
✓ Chronic disease management
✓ Mental health and wellness services
✓ Sports medicine
✓ Onsite pharmacy access
✓ Lab services
✓ Wound care
✓ Dermatology services
✓ Annual/Sports/School physicals
✓ EKG and pulmonary testing
✓ Wellness consultations

This is only a shortlist of the health care options your employees will receive with PeakMed.


Can businesses save money by providing employer health care options from PeakMed?

Absolutely! Because we negotiate directly with labs and hospitals for the lowest possible prices, we pass on those savings to you. 

And because with DPC, there is only an affordable monthly fee for your employees, so there are no expensive premiums for employers like with traditional health care plans. PeakMed is a win-win for your company and employees — you save money, and your employees get access to the highest quality medical care. 

Does health care with PeakMed include specialists?

Yes! PeakMed teams with over 130 of the top specialists in the Denver and Colorado Springs, CO, area. In fact, participating in direct primary care reduces your costs for specialized medicine because of PeakMed’s close relationships with area medical providers.

Your employees will have access to specialists in the fields of:

✓ Immunology
✓ Cardiology
✓ Functional medicine
✓ Geriatric medicine
✓ Oncology
✓ Infectious diseases
✓ Neurology
✓ Occupational medicine
✓ Orthopedic surgery
✓ Pain medicine
✓ Pediatrics
✓ Sleep medicine
✓ Surgery
✓ Urology

In short, if your employees need specialized care, PeakMed will connect them with affordable and knowledgeable medical providers.

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Is PeakMed traditional health insurance?

PeakMed is not traditional employer health insurance, and it doesn’t bill insurance companies in any way. We like to say that direct primary care is better than health insurance because your providers actually get to know you, and there is never a wait to see a provider. Those are some of the reasons that PeakMed can help your employees stay healthier and more active. Check out our excellent Google reviews from satisfied customers.

Even more, PeakMed members save between 50% and 80% on health care costs. 

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Begin Your Health Care Journey Today With PeakMed

Are you ready to explore your employer health insurance options with PeakMed? Get started today by calling the team, serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, area. Our team will explain DPC in detail and how it can benefit the health of your employees.