Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to learn more about PeakMed and what it can offer your family or business? Want to explore the services that we provide and learn how they can improve your healthcare experience? This page lists some frequently asked questions regarding PeakMed and the services we offer. Utilize this page by clicking on the question that interests you to view the answer. 

If you have additional questions outside of the frequently asked questions on this page, feel free to use our Contact page to ask a question regarding the benefits of teaming with PeakMed for direct primary care and how it can meet individual, family, or employee healthcare needs.

With direct primary care provided by PeakMed, you’ll be able to schedule appointments with no wait time, have 24/7 access to your doctor via phone, text, and email, and even have urgent care needs treated by our providers. The frequently asked questions on this page explore these topics in more depth. 

Our FAQ page explains prescriptions, average wait times to see one of our providers, membership costs, how to join, who our services are designed for, whether you still need traditional health insurance, the basics of direct primary care, and much more!

We have locations throughout Colorado, and we take pride in calling this state our home. If you have more questions after reviewing this page, please call our offices or reach out to us by email. Our friendly team can answer any questions and help you begin your process of joining PeakMed. Our goal is to help all residents of Colorado get the best healthcare experience available at an affordable price without hassle. 

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What is PeakMed?

PeakMed is a family medical practice offering an affordable monthly membership model which doesn’t bill insurance, putting an emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship.

Is it health insurance?
No. PeakMed is not health insurance and does not bill insurance. It is an affordable monthly membership health care model. In fact, we recommend insurance in combination with PeakMed in case of catastrophic injury or illness.
Why should I have PeakMed if I have health insurance?
It is always good to have insurance for catastrophic injury or illness. Many of today’s plans have deductibles that can run several thousands of dollars each year — and even more for families. By contrast, PeakMed complements your health-care by offering same-day appointments as well as direct communication with your doctor via text, video chat, or email. Appointments can also be as long as one hour so the patient and physician can take the time necessary for thorough treatment, an option modern healthcare often lacks.
How does PeakMed work?
PeakMed charges an affordable monthly membership fee, and members can see their providers as often as they need. From treating illness to proactively working with patients so they stay healthy, PeakMed doctors also work with patients to manage chronic disease issues (like high blood pressure and diabetes), place and remove stitches, provide EKG and pulmonary function testing, and provide dermatology procedures like skin tag removal and wart treatments. If a patient is diagnosed with a major health issue like cancer or tears an ACL during sporting activity, we refer them to a specialist, and that’s when health insurance takes over.
Who is PeakMed an ideal health care solution for?
PeakMed is a great solution for people who are tired of the status quo: long wait times, short appointments, a lack of doctor-patient relationship, and insurance providers taking the “care” out of health-care. Our family practice physicians look forward to seeing any patient at any point in their life.
Are prescriptions and labs included in the cost?
Prescriptions and lab work are not included in the monthly fee, but we offer these at low, wholesale cost to patients. In the case of prescriptions, our prices are often less than what you might pay for even a generic prescription through health insurance.
How long is the regular wait time to see my doctor at PeakMed?
At PeakMed, we value your time, not just our own. Typically, you can see your primary care physician the same day — or the following day at the latest. And maybe even better, you won’t sit for endless periods in the waiting area wondering about your physician who is behind schedule. Doctors at PeakMed have an allotted hour per patient, so a PeakMed doctor is always ready to see his or her patients on time.
How much is a membership?
Visit our membership page where you will find individual, family, senior, and business pricing options.
Where can I join a PeakMed Life Center?
There are currently three LifeCenters in Colorado Springs and two centers in Denver. Visit our membership page where you will find individual, family, senior and business pricing options.
Does PeakMed accept Medicaid?
At PeakMed, we do not accept any Medicaid members in accordance with Colorado State Law.

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