Healthcare Cost Savings

Cut down on healthcare over-utilization, optimize healthcare cost savings,
and improve your employees’ health.

PeakMed Direct Primary Care has created a platform allowing doctors and patients to communicate, manage, and collaborate individualized care plans without the constraints of a broken system. PeakMed is redefining health care transparency, costs, technology, and care coordination and has created a continuum that is doctor-centered and patient-focused.


  • Reduce the total cost of healthcare for the employer and employee 
  • Provide greater access to quality, convenient, and affordable healthcare 
  • Re-establish primary care patient relationship to improve employee experiences and health outcomes

PeakMed offers a turnkey solution for deploying direct primary care across your health benefits plan. We understand the healthcare issues facing employers today. That’s why we work collaboratively with the employers existing consultant or broker to design the most effective health plan to drive utilization within the PeakMed clinics. We work with fully insured and self insured health plans, we even have discounts through a major payor to help offset PeakMed pricing when it is bundled within their health plan.

In conjunction with the major medical plan we can analyze the impact that PeakMed has had on your employee population and claims, typically reflecting in a decrease to the total plan spend. We provide insights, guidance, and risk-mitigation expertise to reduce costs and improve employee well-being and productivity. Performing a thorough analysis of population health and claims data, we identify cost drivers and health risks and make recommendations regarding appropriate lifestyle and medical management programs and strategies.

Cost Savings with PeakMed


Savings on Emergency Room Visits


Savings on Urgent Care


Savings on Medications


Savings on Labs and Imaging

See the results and download our health population case study.

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