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Residents in Littleton, Colorado, and the greater Denver region are searching for affordable and innovative healthcare solutions to meet the needs of their families and businesses. PeakMed is the leader in providing solutions with access to personalized direct primary care (DPC).

To explore PeakMed’s exceptional medical care solutions, call the Littleton office or contact the team online today.

List of Littleton Providers

Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

Dr. Chow


Kristin Doig


What is PeakMed?

Residents of Littleton and Denver, Colorado, need innovative medical care options to meet the needs of their families and businesses. At PeakMed, our mission is to help you find effective healthcare solutions by eliminating the barriers to care access.

The costs of medical treatments and care are increasing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, PeakMed helps you in avoiding these unnecessary costs while improving your quality of care — a win-win!

Under traditional healthcare plans, residents in Littleton and the Denver metro region face many obstacles that block them from getting the care they need. At PeakMed, our mission is to help you navigate the healthcare system by eliminating bureaucracy so we can pass the savings on to you. Our members save up to 50-85% on out-of-pocket expenses.

Families and businesses in Littleton can switch to direct primary care services with DPC to improve their healthcare experiences. Call the office and speak with a friendly staff member or reach out to our team online.

PeakMed’s Exceptional Services in Littleton

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is now available to residents of Littleton, Colorado, and the Denver region. PeakMed provides DPC’s affordable monthly membership allows you unlimited access to the area’s top primary care physicians. Services are provided 24/7 and include extended office appointments, phone calls, and telemedicine options.

With a DPC membership, your medical providers get to know you personally. It also allows for extra attention that helps catch health conditions in the earliest stages when they are easiest to treat.

Third-party insurance companies actively block Littleton residents from receiving the healthcare services they deserve by inflating the costs of treatment. DPC eliminates all of the middlemen and bureaucracy.


Direct primary care grants you access to these individualized services:

Primary & Family Medical Services

Under the DPC model, your providers get to know you personally. That adds a level of trust to our services.

When you choose direct primary care with PeakMed, you’ll have complete and unlimited access to Littleton’s top medical providers for physicals, illness and injury treatment, wellness appointments, and urgent care services. You can also contact your medical team 24/7 for any questions that arise.

Preventive Care: Immunizations & Vaccines

Vaccines and immunizations protect your family and the Littleton and Denver communities. These preventive services are safe and limit your risks of complications if you contract a specific disease. With PeakMed’s DPC plans, the providers ensure your vaccines are up-to-date.

Treating & Managing Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases need constant care. For residents of Littleton and Denver, CO, living with chronic disease, care is available with PeakMed. Direct primary care gives you unlimited access to your doctors for the treatments and management techniques you deserve.

Learn the Benefits of PeakMed

When you choose PeakMed, you’ll receive exceptional primary care. But that is only one of the benefits. Families and businesses in Littleton also experience:

No Need for Urgent Care or the Emergency Room Services

Nobody wants to be stuck with expensive emergency room or urgent care center bills. When you choose DPC with PeakMed, you’ll receive fast treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses — without the exuberant costs of urgent care centers.

Longer Appointments for Optimal Health Outcomes

Ready to benefit from longer appointments with your provider? Residents of Littleton, Colorado, experience extended appointments lasting between 30-60 minutes when they choose DPC with PeakMed.

Alternatively, the traditional healthcare model only allows for 15 minutes per patient.

Price Navigation Assistance

Sometimes it is necessary to visit a specialist. Whenever you need specialized services, like X-rays or lab work, PeakMed will assist you in negotiating the best prices. Many people don’t know that medical services in Littleton are negotiable. Our team ensures you always get the best price.

No More Deductibles and Copays

DPC eliminates the need for expensive copays and deductibles by eliminating the third-party middlemen who stand in the way of care by driving up prices. And if you ever need services from a specialist, the PeakMed team will negotiate prices on your behalf, saving you thousands.

Explore Your DPC Options Today

Want to learn more about direct primary care and how it can benefit your family or employees? Contact our team in Littleton, Colorado, today or contact PeakMed online today.