Member Reviews

Throughout our website, you’ve read what we have to say about PeakMed and our direct primary care approach to providing exceptional individual, family, and business healthcare. But we want to go above and beyond what our team has to say. That is why we chose to share the hundreds of independent member reviews from people like you regarding our services, providers, and customer service. We value transparency and are proud to display what our members have to say about our services.  

Here is a short summary of our hundreds of real reviews. Currently, over 95% of our member reviews gave us 5 out of 5 stars. When you factor in 4-star reviews, that percentage jumps to a whopping 99% satisfaction rate. With that type of satisfaction, you know you will receive quality services with PeakMed. 

 Our members particularly love the personalized attention they receive from the PeakMed providers. Many reviews express gratitude to our providers for being available by phone, text, or email at any time of day or night. Other member reviews speak about how PeakMed providers actually care about them as people. Our providers practice medicine because it is a passion. It is more than just a job for our team. 

Additional member reviewers pointed out that the length of their appointment was longer than what they get under the traditional healthcare model. In fact, most appointments with PeakMed last between 30 minutes and one hour. Compare that to traditional medical appointments, which usually only last 15 minutes, and you can begin to understand how our members are so satisfied.  

To learn more about direct primary care with PeakMed, call our office today or reach out to our team using this website.