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Do you need a healthcare solution for your business, family, or yourself in Colorado Springs Northgate, Colorado? If so, contact PeakMed. Over the years, PeakMed has maintained its status as a Colorado leader in affordable and innovative healthcare plans via direct primary care (DPC).

If you want to explore your affordable healthcare options, call our office located in Colorado Springs Northgate today, or reach out to our staff online.

List of Colorado Springs Northgate Providers

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Understanding PeakMed

The team at PeakMed understands that direct primary care (DPC) is the most innovative form of healthcare for families and businesses in Colorado Springs North, Colorado. Eliminating obstacles to healthcare access is the mission of PeakMed.

Our team knows that medical care expenses are rising at an alarming rate. We want to change that by lowering your costs while also offering the best personalized care to individuals and businesses.

But it is more than outrageous costs holding back healthcare. Residents from across Colorado Springs North know that the traditional healthcare system is way too confusing. Therefore, our goal has become to make navigating medical care easier for you. PeakMed has stripped away much of the bureaucracy to pass the savings on to your family or business, helping you save as much as 50-80% in regards to out-of-pocket costs.

DPC is available for businesses and families in Colorado Springs North. Call our office today to explore your healthcare options with PeakMed.

Exploring PeakMed’s Colorado Springs Northgate Services

In Colorado Springs North, Colorado, the PeakMed team provides a form of medical care called Direct Primary Care (DPC). With this type of healthcare, you pay an affordable monthly membership fee that gives you unlimited access to a high-quality primary care provider. The included services are priority office visits, texting with your provider, phone calls, telehealth solutions, and many more!

With DPC care, your medical providers get to know you personally. This type of care allows for an attention to detail that makes it easier to detect health problems quickly. DPC prioritizes you, ensuring you stay healthy!

DPC provides residents of Colorado Springs North with complete healthcare freedom. There is no need to struggle with third-party medical insurance companies that stand in the way of care and balloon the expenses of healthcare services.


With direct primary care, you’ll receive access to the following services:

Family & Primary Care

Teaming with a dedicated healthcare provider that you trust boosts your health outcomes. DPC is the best way to visit a doctor that knows you personally.

With DPC from PeakMed, you’ll have instant access to family and primary care providers for physicals, treatment of acute illnesses, and urgent care services. Furthermore, residents of Colorado Springs North, CO, can reach their medical providers any time of day or night.

Vaccines & Immunizations

Immunizations and vaccines are the cornerstones of preventive medicine. These measures are safe and effective at preventing symptoms of illnesses that could cause hospitalization or worse. DPC access with PeakMed ensures that your vaccines and immunizations are up-to-date.

Managing Chronic Diseases

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic disease, you need consistent and personalized care. If you live in Colorado Springs North, CO, and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, or something else, PeakMed can help you manage your condition with DPC to prevent it from progressing. You’ll have 24/7 access to your provider in case of emergencies.

How can PeakMed benefit me?

PeakMed’s benefits extend beyond basic medical care. Our providers offer several healthcare enhancements to employees and residents of Colorado Springs North, including:

No Need for Urgent Care Centers or the ER

Out-of-pocket expenses for emergency room or urgent care services can be immense. But with direct primary care, you can be seen quickly for non-life-threatening care without the high costs associated with the ER or an urgent care center.

Longer Appointments With Your Doctor

Residents of Colorado Springs North, Colorado, benefit from extended patient visits with their providers when choosing PeakMed for their healthcare needs. In fact, appointments last 30-60 minutes.

That is a significant benefit when compared to the traditional healthcare model, which only allows for approximately 15 minutes per patient.

With DPC, our medical practitioners prioritize you to make sure you stay healthy.

Concierge Price Navigation

When you need X-rays, lab work, or need to visit a specialist, a PeakMed agent will assist you in procuring the best prices in Colorado Springs North. Many people don’t know that the prices of medical services are negotiable. Our team negotiates the best prices on your behalf, saving you thousands of dollars in many cases.

No confusing deductibles and copays

When you choose DPC, you’ll never have to deal with expensive copays and deductibles. Direct primary care eliminates the third-party middlemen who are extensions of health insurance entities. If you end up needing specialized medical care, your treatments will be charged at the wholesale cost with no markups.

Explore Your Direct Primary Care Options With PeakMed Today

Want to explore how direct primary care can meet the needs of your business or family? Business leaders and families in Colorado Springs North, Colorado, can trust PeakMed for their medical needs. Reach out to the office today by phone or contact us online.