PeakMed Direct Primary Care

Better, More Personal Health Care For Up To 70% Less Cost Than Traditional Health Care.

PeakMed Direct Primary Care

Starting At


Per Month

*Rates may vary depending on the location of care.

PeakMed Direct Primary Care

Starting At


Per Month

*Ages 18+. Rates may vary depending on the location of care.

Individual Children
PeakMed Direct Primary Care

Starting At


Per Month

*Age 17 and under. Rates may vary depending on the location of care.

What Makes PeakMed Direct Primary Care So Different?

PeakMed is the evolution of health care. Providing better & more accessible health care for businesses, individuals, and families at a lower cost than traditional health insurance. With PeakMed you can live a healthier life with easier access to better quality health care. 

Typical “Healthcare”

PeakMed Member

National Average Wait Time For
New Doctor Appointment

24 days

1 day

Duration of Doctor Visits

8 minutes

30-60 minutes

Lab Results Delivery Time

5-7 days

2-3 days

Co-pay Cost per Visit

$50 – $150/visit*


Average Medication Cost

$50 (with co-pay)*

Under $15

Lab Tests

$300 or more*

$30 or less

ER & Urgent Care Avoidance

  $250-$5,000+ Per Claim

50%-75% Reduction In  ER/UC Visits

Cost Savings

Get all your healthcare needs and your families healthcare needs for, on average, 70% less than traditional healthcare.

On-Site Pharmacy

Wholesale Pricing on Prescriptions Saving You up to 75%

24/7 Healthcare

Get care whenever you need care, including 24/7 access to personalized care.

100% Personalized Care

Doctor’s that get to know you and your needs. No waiting around for short appointments. 30-60 minute personalized appointments!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions fielded by our team of medical experts in Denver and Colorado Springs.

What is included in direct primary care?

With direct primary care (DPC), you get 100% personalized medical care. You have access to unlimited doctor’s visits, including in-person and virtual. That means you can speak with your care provider at any time — even on weekends and holidays! 

Does direct primary care have co-pays? 

Direct primary care costs are lower because there are no co-pays to see your provider and absolutely zero deductibles. Everything is included in the monthly fee, so you won’t be hit with surprise costs you weren’t expecting. 

What are my cost savings with direct primary care?

Direct primary care pricing is 70% less than traditional healthcare services. That means you can get all of the healthcare needs for your entire family for significantly less. PeakMed even offers wholesale pricing on prescription medications, saving you up to 75% compared to traditional medical insurance. 

Is direct primary care available for families and businesses?

Yes! For individuals, direct primary care pricing begins at $89 per month and $55 a month for each child. Business direct primary care plans start at $69 per month. 

Are lab tests included in the direct primary care cost?

No, but we do negotiate with our laboratory partners so you only pay wholesale prices. Most of our members pay $30 or less for lab tests.