The Evolution of Small
Business Health Care

Better, more personal care
for up to 70% less cost than traditional
Small Business Health Insurance

Cost Savings

Get all your group healthcare needs handled for, on average, 70% less than traditional health insurance.

On-Site Pharmacy

Wholesale Pricing on Prescriptions Saving You up to 75%

24/7 Healthcare

Get care whenever you need it, including 24/7 access to personalized care.

100% Personalized Care

Doctors that get to know you and your needs. No waiting around for short appointments. 30-60 minute personalized appointments!

Small Business Health Insurance Reimagined

PeakMed offers a simplified and smarter approach to better health without the stress and limitations of third-party insurance companies. Our membership provides unlimited office visits with plenty of one-on-one time with your doctor, allowing you the opportunity to take proactive steps toward a healthier life.
We help you and your employees get comprehensive care that fits with your needs, without the limitations for traditional health insurance!

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We Provide FREE Consultations for Small Businesses

When employees don’t have a primary care doctor, they only seek healthcare when they are sick and are more likely to be hospitalized and visit the emergency room.
PeakMed Direct Primary Care’s mission is to provide employees with DIRECT access to a provider regardless of insurance, pre-existing conditions, age, or illness with same day appointments, no office wait times, and phone access 24/7. By creating efficiencies in group healthcare and breaking down barriers, such as access and cost, this allows us to re-establish the doctor-patient relationship and provide group health care in ways rarely seen in the current healthcare industry.

PeakMed provides a wide range of services to your employees:

  • General and Family Care: Routine and episodic illnesses and injuries
  • Preventative Care and Immunizations
  • Care Management: Navigating all medical care and managed care episodes
  • Chronic Disease Management: Active management of chronic conditions, disease specific education, disease monitoring and disease intervention.

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There is a positive connection between employee wellness and the performance of a business. Many companies are looking for innovative ways to increase benefit offerings, improve employee health, and decrease health plan costs at the same time. Prospective employees are using benefits packages to make career decisions. PeakMed helps employers recruit and retain top talent by offering a health benefits package that is different than their competitors.

  • Added value to current benefits package
  • Group health care that is easy for your employees to use and understand
  • Access to affordable and accessible primary and family healthcare
  • Improves company culture, employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention  
  • Less absenteeism due to employees being healthier and with less stress, leading to cost savings.

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PeakMed offers a turnkey solution for deploying direct primary care across your health benefits plan. We understand the small business healthcare issues facing employers today. That’s why we work collaboratively with the employers existing consultant or broker to design the most effective health plan to drive utilization within the PeakMed clinics. We work with fully insured and self insured health plans, we even have discounts through a major payor to help offset PeakMed pricing when it is bundled within their health plan.
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