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Residents and business owners in Colorado Springs South, Colorado, are searching for innovative healthcare solutions to meet their needs. Look no further than PeakMed, the Colorado leader in innovative and affordable medical care plans that utilize direct primary care (DPC).

To explore the affordable medical care options provided by PeakMed, call the Colorado Springs South office or connect with our team online.

List of Colorado Springs South Providers

Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

Dr. Artzberger


Dr. Alison Fry PeakMed

Dr. Alison Fry, MD


Portrait of Jessica Johnson, a physician assistant at Peakmed

Jessica Johnson, PA-C


Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

PA Mark Davis


Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

PA Caroline Sudbay


Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

Kathy Gaj Blum


Dr. Josh Chow, D.O.

Renee McLaughlin, PA-C


Colorado Springs Northgate

Dr. Patricia Rand


PeakMed Explained

Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative form of healthcare for businesses and individuals in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area. The mission of PeakMed is to use DPC to eliminate barriers to medical care access.

PeakMed understands that healthcare prices are increasing quickly. Our team wants to make a change by helping to lower your costs and improving the care you receive from your providers.

There are many factors other than costs that make access to quality healthcare difficult. Colorado Springs South residents are often confused by the traditional healthcare system. At PeakMed, our mission is to make navigating medical services easy. We have stripped away unneeded steps and bureaucracy, and all of the savings are passed on to you. That helps you save as much as 50-80% on your out-of-pocket costs.

Individuals and businesses in Colorado Springs South have access to DPC. Contact our team today to learn more about your healthcare options with PeakMed.

What Services Does PeakMed Provide in Colorado Springs South?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is now available through PeakMed for residents and businesses in Colorado Springs South, Colorado. As a DPC member, you pay an affordable monthly fee for unlimited access to a top primary care medical provider. Services include texting with your doctor, office visits, phone calls, and telehealth options.

Medical providers under the DPC umbrella get to know you personally. It provides an attention to detail that makes it possible to detect health problems early on before they progress, ensuring you stay healthy!

Colorado Springs South residents experience healthcare freedom with DPC without the need to struggle with third-party insurance providers that block care and inflate the cost of medical services.


You’ll benefit from the following services with DPC:

Primary and Family Care Medicine

With DPC, you team with a medical provider you can trust and who gets to know you personally.

When you choose DPC with PeakMed, you’ll have 24/7 access to your primary care providers for services like wellness exams, physicals, acute injuries and illnesses, and urgent care needs. It doesn’t matter the time of day or night, residents of Colorado Springs South, CO, can contact their providers with questions that arise.

Preventive Vaccines and Immunizations

Preventive vaccines and immunizations help protect you, your family, and the community. They are effective and safe and prevent symptoms of illnesses that can cause hospitalization or worse. When you choose DPC with PeakMed, the providers always make sure your vaccines are up-to-date.

Chronic Disease Treatment and Management

If you have a chronic disease, consistent and personalized care is essential. For residents living in Colorado Springs South, CO, living with chronic disease, there are treatment and management solutions offered by PeakMed. With DPC, you’ll have 24/7 access to your doctor in the case of emergencies.

Benefits of PeakMed

Basic medical care is just the first of PeakMed’s many benefits. Our doctors offer a variety of medical services to residents and families in Colorado Springs South, including:

No Need for Urgent Care or the Emergency Room

Urgent care and emergency room services are expensive. Fortunately, with DPC, you’ll be treated quickly for any non-life-threatening care you need — without the high prices associated with urgent care or the emergency room.

Extend Your Appointments

People in Colorado Springs South, Colorado, can opt for extended visits with their doctors when they choose PeakMed for their medical needs. All appointments with the DPC model last 30-60 minutes.

That is significantly longer than traditional healthcare appointments, which only last about 15 minutes.

DPC prioritizes your wellness to keep you healthy.

Navigate Prices With a Dedicated Concierge

If you need lab work, a consultation with a specialist, or X-rays, the PeakMed team will help you find the best prices in Colorado Springs South. Most medical services are negotiable, and our team assists you in navigating the pricing so you can save thousands.

No Deductibles & Copays

With direct primary care, no longer will you have to deal with expensive copays or deductibles. DPC eliminates the third-party insurance middlemen who drive up costs. When you need specialized care, we negotiate your prices so you only pay the wholesale cost and nothing more.

Explore Direct Primary Care Services With PeakMed Today

Want to learn more about direct primary care and how it can serve your family or business? Residents of Colorado Springs South, Colorado, can team with PeakMed for the best medical services. Call the office today or reach out to our team online.